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Stop Smoking

With the recent ban on smoking in public places. Many people are trying to quit smoking Remember your pharmacist can help if you are having difficulties to stop Smoking.

Give up smoking at Kingsland Pharmacy we are able to provide these products (including Champix) free of charge (for patients exempt from paying NHS prescription fees) under a scheme run by NHS City & Hackney. This programme is run for 12 weeks and does require your attendance on weekly basis for that length of time. Your pharmacist can advise on the most suitable products to use depending on how many cigarettes you smoke and your pattern of smoking. He or she will also advise on a programme to maximise the benefits of using smoking cessation products and they will give you practical ideas to help kick the habit. What can you do now? * Be ready to quit, think about why you started smoking and why you want to stop – write down the benefits of giving up * Choose a quit date, choose a time when you know you are less likely to be stressed and when there is less likelihood of you being tempted to have a cigarette * Involve your family or friends – get them to help and support you * Speak to your pharmacist, GP or other healthcare professional for advice on ways to help giving up * If you do not succeed first time – try again when you are ready.

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