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Repeat NHS Prescriptions

Did you know that if you (or someone you care for) use the same medicines regularly you may not need to get a new prescription every time you require more medicines. The NHS now has a Repeat Dispensing Service which means that if you are eligible you don’t need to visit your surgery or make an appointment with your doctor or practice nurse every time you need more medicines. You can simply request another supply from your regular pharmacy. To find out if you are eligible speak to your doctor or practice nurse. They will ask your permission to share information about your medication with your regular pharmacist, enabling your prescriber and pharmacist to work together to provide you with the best advice and care for your treatment. You may be asked to sign an agreement form. If you are eligible, your prescriber will give you (and explain how to use) a signed authorisation form and some repeat dispensing issue forms.

You should take the authorisation form and repeat dispensing issue form(s) to your regular pharmacist who will explain how these are used – you don’t need to fill in or sign the issue forms until you require the medication to be issued. Each time you collect a new supply of your medicines from the repeat dispensing service it is important to advise your pharmacist if you are taking any new medicines or there are any changes to your condition. The pharmacist will keep your authorisation form and, if you wish, can look after your issue forms as one will be required each time you need a new supply of medicines. Remember you can always use the Repeat Dispensing Service in conjunction with Kingsland Pharmacy’s Prescription Delivery Service. Subject to a few questions, all you have to do is make one call to the pharmacy each time you need a new supply, the medicines can then be delivered directly to your door. Call us now for more details. To see if you live near our location

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