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NHS Prescriptions

We dispense NHS prescriptions and also advise on how to get the most benefit from your medicines. With our a comprehensive stock of medicines and a fast and an efficient wholesaler service, we are able to fill all prescriptions promptly.

We are all familiar with the NHS prescriptions that are issued by our doctors but did you know there is a whole variety of prescription types? The NHS prescription forms used by each of the UK home countries vary in format, colour and reference number, but can be dispensed by any pharmacy anywhere in the UK, except for prescriptions issued within the Channel Islands. NHS prescriptions can be written by a general practitioner (your family doctor), a hospital prescriber, a dentist, some trained nurses and some supplementary prescribers such as a trained and qualified pharmacist. All these prescribers must be registered with their own governing bodies, such as the General Medical Council (GMC), before they can write an NHS prescription. Medicines that are available on an NHS prescription are listed in a document called the Drug Tarrif. This document is updated every month to allow for new medicines to be added, or for obsolete medicines to be withdrawn. The Drug Tariff also defines some medicines that are not allowed on an NHS prescription, or that have been blacklisted. Dentists, nurses and supplementary prescribers are only allowed to prescribe from a smaller, more restricted list.

The only medicines which may be prescribed by dentists on the NHS are those listed in the Dental Practitioners’ List or the Dental Prescribing Formulary. Nurses may only prescribe from the Nurse Prescribers Formulary and some specific items listed in the Drug Tariff. Remember – it is illegal to make any amendments to a prescription. Any alterations are only acceptable if signed by the prescriber. To deface or amend a prescription will render it invalid and could lead to prosecution!

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