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Holiday Health Care

Travelling abroad? Need vaccinations? Anti-malarial tablets? Want advice on staying healthy when you travel? You can get the necessary vaccinations or anti-malarial tablets right here in the pharmacy, without needing to visit the GP. Drop in to speak to our travel health professional, who can provide you with general information and tips on keeping healthy when you travel abroad, as well as getting advice on health risks prominent at your travel destination. Get a 15 minute consultation with a qualified specialist for just £9.99, or free when you pay for any travel vaccinations or anti-malarial tablets.

The purpose of this service is to enable suitably trained pharmacists working within the implementing pharmacy, to provide travel assessment and supply and administer travel vaccines to overseas travellers. This will be carried out in accordance with the best available information, guidance and schedules. The overall objective is to maximize patient safety and optimise customer satisfaction.

Whether you're going on holiday here in the UK or you're jetting off to exotic parts, no one wants to be ill whilst they're away. A few words with the pharmacist before setting off could provide a remedy for those holiday illnesses already packed in your bag. Don't forget that if you are heading to an exotic destination you may require vaccinations or anti-malarial tablets before you go.

Your pharmacist will be able to advise you on the requirements for your chosen destination and in some cases provide them for your purchase – make sure you check soon after booking as some vaccinations and medications need to be taken well before departure. Some medications to protect against malaria require a private prescription. Before you head off on your holidays it's worth preparing for:

* Vaccinations and anti-malarial medication
* Upset stomachs
* Insect bites and insect repellents
* Sunscreens, moisturisers and preparations for sunburn
* First aid kits for cuts and scrapes
* Rehydration preparations if you are going somewhere extremely hot
* Remedies for stings and allergies
* Something for headaches and hangovers if you’ve had one too many!

You can find all the above products right here in the pharmacy!

Taking simple advice from your pharmacy counter before you go could mean you don't have to spend time during your precious holiday finding a local doctor or pharmacist.

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