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About Us

Kingsland Pharmacy is a health provider organization, that partner with other healthcare providers as chosen by the NHS City & Hackney to deliver high quality patient care in the community, and consumer responsive pharmacy services.

We are a leading participant in the primary healthcare market and are supportive of a modern NHS capable of delivering increased services to patients in the community.

We provide a range of private and NHS services. Our pharmacy is well equipped to provide health care services with a specially designed consultation room and highly trained staff. This means you can enjoy quality health care services in a comfortable and private environment. Our private services are competitively priced and most are available at short notice. We stock a wide range of over the counter medicines and also pharmacy only medicines.


We work with other healthcare providers in the area to offer highly innovative services. In recognition of our excellent service, we were awarded in 2008 for improving the health of Hackney residents and in 2009, we won the award of patients’ choice healthcare provider. 


If you need advice about a treatment option, come and speak with our qualified team of healthcare professionals. We are passionate about providing high-quality patient care and medication management support. 


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