Travel vaccinations in Dalston, London. Why having travel vaccinations is important?

17 Jun 2020

Travel vaccinations in Dalston, London. Why having travel vaccinations is important?

We all get excited at the prospect of travelling to exotic news places in Asia, Africa or South America to discover new and exciting places, people and cultures. However, most of these regions are hotspots for infectious diseases like malaria, yellow fever, typhoid, Hepatitis B, Rabies and more. Having the right travel vaccinations for your trip is essential to stay protected throughout your stay. Kingsland Pharmacy and travel clinic in Dalston, London provides travel health advice, administers a wide range of travel vaccinations with same-day appointments and has travel accessories available. Make sure to visit Kingsland Pharmacy and travel clinic in Dalston, London for expert travel health advice.

What this travel health article is about?

In the article, we look at questions like what travel vaccine is and how does it function? Also, when should you get travel health advice. We also look at the significance of travel vaccines and places that offer travel vaccinations near you. We can't cover everything here but what you can do is to visit Kingsland Pharmacy and travel clinic in Dalston, London for expert travel health advice tailored to your particular trip.

What is Travel Vaccine?

A vaccine is a form of medicine that gives body active immunity against a specific disease. It is normally injected into the body. Vaccines provide a boost to the body's natural defence mechanism against infectious diseases. Vaccines help in preventing disease rather than curing one that has already infected the body. The vaccines that help in providing protection against certain diseases found while travelling abroad are called travel vaccines.

Travel Vaccination is simply the administration of travel vaccines.

How do Vaccines work?

Vaccines are like immune system training by stimulating the immune system to produce antibodies. The antibodies prepare the body for disease-fighting without exposing it to symptoms of the disease.

This Short animation video by oxford vaccine group illustrates how vaccines work.

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What travel vaccines would I need for my trip?

You may need vaccines before you travel depending on your destination, your medical history, your planned activities, time of the year and other health concerns. Your local travel health professional at Chana Chemist will be able to provide with the right advice or you can go on or NHS fit for travel website.

Where to get your travel vaccinations in Dalston, London?

Kingsland Pharmacy and travel clinic is the leading travel vaccination clinic in Dalston, London. If you are looking for travel health advice or vaccinations in Dalston,  Kingsland Pharmacy is a one-stop-shop for all your travel health needs in Dalston.

Kingsland Pharmacy normally offers walk-in and same-day appointments, meaning the team will be able to see you straight away without any need for appointments and may also be offering a wider range of travel vaccinations. That means you may be able to get all the required vaccinations for your trip from one place.

How soon should I start looking for travel health advice?

You should start seeking travel health advice some good few months before your travel date. Reason being that vaccines need time to become effective and help your body develop the required immunity. Also, some vaccines need to be given in multiple doses spread over a number of weeks. For example, the Rabies vaccine needs a whole month to complete the course.

Why do I need travel vaccinations in the first place?

Firstly, although the routine NHS immunisation schedule provides protection against some diseases, it does not provide protection from infectious diseases common in other parts of the world like yellow fever, hepatitis B etc. Having the right travel vaccinations will help you to stay safe from those diseases while abroad.

The other reason is your travel insurance policy requires you to have the required inoculations before traveling. So not have the right travel vaccinations can leave you seriously exposed.

How long does immunity from travel vaccines last?

It depends on the vaccine. Some vaccines provide immunity for several years and some provide cover for life. If you're travelling abroad, you should see a travel health professional who is familiar with travel medicine to talk about your upcoming trip. He or she will be able to advise you on whether or not you would need a booster based on your travel health history. You can read more about how long different vaccines last on the Tropical Medical Bureau website.

Are there any side effects of vaccination?

Most side effects from vaccination are mild and short-lived.

Common side effects

It's quite common to have redness or swelling around the injection site, but this soon goes away.

Rare side effects

In much rarer cases, some people have an allergic reaction soon after vaccination.

This is usually a rash or itching that affects part or all of the body. The pharmacists, GPs and nurses who give the vaccine are trained in how to treat this.

Proof of vaccination

Some countries require you to have proof of particular vaccinations before they allow entry.

Saudi Arabia requires proof of vaccination against certain types of meningitis for visitors arriving for the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages.

Yellow fever vaccines are only available from designated centres and must be documented on an International Certificate of Vaccination.

Even if a certificate is not required, it is a good idea to keep a record of your travel vaccinations with you while traveling abroad.

Travel Health Advice

It is important to get professional travel health advice prior to your trip abroad. You can find the latest advice for safe travel for the country you are travelling to on and TravelHealthPro.

Try to wear long-sleeve clothing and trousers to stay safe from mosquito bites. Also, use insect repellent on exposed areas of the body and at night make sure to sleep under mosquito net. In short, prepare a Travel Health Essentials Kit.

You should start your antimalarials treatment before traveling to any country with risk of malaria.

Also follow best hygiene practices even so more when abroad.


Kingsland Pharmacy and travel clinic in Dalston, London

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