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Medicine Use Review

Have you ever wondered exactly what your medicines are for or maybe you're unclear on how to use them? A medicine use review might be just what you need to get more information specific to your medicines and their use. At Kingsland Pharmacy you can just ask the pharmacist and he or she will be happy to carry out a review of your medicines.

This service is available from all NHS pharmacies and is made available by the Department of Health to improve people's understanding of the importance of using medicines correctly – and it’s free! After the review, a written report about what was discussed with the pharmacist will be sent to your doctor to make him or her aware of the discussion and if any changes are deemed necessary.

Your doctor will continue the process the next time you visit.

A medicine use review will enable you to :

* Confirm what each of your medicines are used for

* Check the best times of day to take or use your medicines

* Discuss the effectiveness of your medication

* Find out if there are medicines you take which are no longer needed

* Discuss any problems you are experiencing with your medication.

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