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Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (ETP)

The way your prescription is passed between your GP and Kingsland Pharmacy is changing. You may have noticed that your prescription have barcodes on the side of it. Now there is no longer a need for any paper prescriptions - unless if you would like to continue to have a paper version.

Is Nomination suitable for you? If you receive regular prescriptions or you tend to collect your prescription from the same place most of the time or you use a prescription collection service; then Nomination would be suitable for you.

Nomination is a new process which gives patients the option to choose, or ‘nominate’, a preferred dispensing pharmacy to which their prescriptions can be sent electronically using the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

The easiest way to nominate Kingsland Pharmacy as your choice to receive your Electronic Prescription is by filling out the Nomination Form below; you may also download a paper-version of the ETP Nomination Form, print it, complete it manually and bring it to us at Kingsland Pharmacy.