Patient Satisfaction Survey

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About Us

Kingsland Pharmacy is a health provider organization, that partner with other healthcare providers as chosen by the NHS City & Hackney to deliver high quality patient care in the community, and consumer responsive pharmacy services.

We are a leading participant in the primary healthcare market and are supportive of a modern NHS capable of delivering increased services to patients in the community.

At Kingsland Pharmacy we are very focused to make sure that the services provided for the patients are to relieve the burden on other healthcare providers and work in partnership with them in bringing the NHS services closer to the patients’ homes and in a setting that is comfortable for them and us. We are winners of 2 awards one was given in July 2008 for helping in the improving the health of Hackney residents. Second award was won in April 2009 for patients’ choice healthcare provider. The Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ) has shown a much improved satisfaction of our pharmacy for two years running.